Monday, April 15, 2019

Do These Three Things Before Leaving Employment for Entrepreneurship

Bill Asher is a serial entrepreneur with several business successes under his belt. However, Bill Asher did not start his career in entrepreneurship. He first started as a financial analyst for restaurants. If you are considering moving from employment to entrepreneurship, do these three crucial things first: 

1. Test the market. Often, new entrepreneurs design products and launch them, expecting to hit it big in the market, only to record meager sales later on. Before launching a product or service, test it on small groups in the market. If there’s a need for it, the market will respond positively during the initial analysis. Remember, the best ideas solve a problem.

2. Create a plan. Once you determine that there is a market for your product or service, create a plan. How will you start? How will you finance the business off the ground? What marketing strategies will you use? How will you measure success? Where do you want to be at the end of your first year? Prepare for the major parts of operating the business ahead of time and lead your team in the direction you envisioned after starting. 

3. Build resiliency. The truth is, running a business is not easy. As an entrepreneur, you’ll perform business functions that are not your core expertise, you’ll have to deal with difficult people within and outside your business, you won’t have enough time to do all the work, and your resources will likely be strained. Build a resilient mindset at the start to prepare you for the rough road ahead.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Appeal of Virtual Reality in Entertainment Goes Beyond Gaming

Based in Los Angeles, Bill Asher has years of experience in the film production space. On the lookout for promising entertainment technologies, Bill Asher has invested in virtual reality. 

Virtual reality is expected to have a have a huge impact on entertainment in the coming years. While it is already seeing wide adoption in the video game world, it still has many other entertainment applications. Consider virtual reality movie theaters. Movie theaters such as IMAX are partnering with virtual reality headset developers and content creators to open virtual reality hubs. These hubs will combine IMAX’s cinematic appeal with virtual reality’s immersion to amplify the theater experience.

Theme park rides are another entertainment realm that is increasingly adopting virtual reality. Dedicated VR roller coasters combine real world rides with the virtual world through headsets. Consumers wear these headsets and are transported to a virtual world as they take a ride, making the experience more dynamic. 

Virtual reality will also change television consumption. Thanks to augmented reality, virtual reality’s cousin, images will be superimposed outside the TV screen, bringing the virtual world to living rooms across the country. Manufacturers will move from HD to 3D and consumers will enjoy TV programming and sports futuristically.